Make salads out of broccoli stems and apple peels. Call home a Michelin-starred chef instead of going out. Sip superfood cocktails! Life for foodies just got far more interesting…

Discards are delicacies

This is a mega trend of 2016. We will see discards or things that people considered trash — broccoli stems, apple and onion peels, unusual meat cuts — become special delicacies. The idea is to transform ‘lowly’ ingredients into something flavourful and nutritious. This trend all over the world is a result of people consciously looking for ways to cut food wastage.

Food meditation

We are witnessing the rise of mindful eating. Food meditation expert Anand Anaam holds sessions over meals. The basic concept is to be ‘present’ to the food and not talk or think while eating. “While eating, your mind should be free of both positive and negative emotions. The focus should just be on the food on your plate,” he says. Eating mindfully has a good impact on the gut too.

‘Healthification’ of Fast Food

From KFC to McDonald’s, fast food businesses are getting healthy. According to Technomic’s (research and consulting firm servicing the food industry) report, 58 per cent of consumers say it’s important to focus on nutrition when it comes to dining out choices. Food with artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives will be removed from menus by the end of 2016. Says food blogger Amrita Kaur, “Everyone wants to embrace the health benefits while eating out too as we go out more often now.”

Take-home chefs

Ordering food is passe. If you can’t travel to the world’s best restaurants, top chefs will travel to your home to make you a gourmet meal. Chandigarh-based Chetan Pal Singh and Rajkanwar Singh prepare gourmet food in people’s kitchens when invited. You can ask for Berkshire prosciutto chicken, Chicken cognac pate on baguette etc. Pal Singh, who’s worked at Michelin-star restaurants, Gary Danko and La Folie, in the US, says, “From Vietnamese cuisine to elaborate cheese platters to 5-course meals, along with wine pairings, the menu is getting exciting every day.” Mumbai-based Sid Ugrankar, Shaival Chandra and Dhaval Udeshi’s start-up lets users choose a chef, who does everything – from shopping for ingredients to presenting the final meal.

Ice Cream gets exotic

The scoop is getting premium with curvy twists and exotic flavours. Says Shivesh Bhatia, all of 20 – star food blogger @ #BakeitwithShivesh, “Interesting fresh flavours dominate the ice cream scene. People are now making ice creams with veggies too.” Food Blogger Kishi Arora says, “We will see unusual flavours in ice creams, like seasonal fruits and veggies, with a mix of sweet and savoury.”

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