Apart from being one of the most impactful forms of expression, music also has the power to bring a change. From rebellious songs of Rang De Basanti to rock music, the power of music can never be underestimated. To prove this fact right again,  Gurdas Maan has recently unveiled his new song that shows you the mirror of ground and harsh realities of Punjab. From drug addiction, pesticides, consumerism and crime to the latest selfie-addiction, the song will break your heart for all the right reasons. Not many know that the song was completely shot outdoors at different locations in Punjab in just eight days.

A report also claims that Gurdas Maan himself performed all the risky stunts without body doubles. And there are some shots in the song that were required him to suspended from a height of 120 feet in the air and guess what? He did it all with faith in his heart! Listen to the beautiful number right here.