Kabaddi is a sport that can be termed as 100% desi. It requires a different level of fitness and passion. It is so much so in our blood that India has won all the world cups ever played. It is perhaps because it comes from within the smaller sectors of Indian society along with wrestling. The villages in Punjab and Haryana are the biggest suppliers of World Class athletes who make it to the big leagues despite being born in poverty.

Sangram Singh is one another such name. Now a wrestling champion, movie star, TV celebrity and motivational speaker, he once used to run without shoes. Perhaps, that is the reason why every time there is a chance to encourage young athletes like himself, no matter how, he is always there.


Sangram Singh was present at the opening ceremony of Nidani Sports Village in Haryana a couple of nights back. An exhibition Kabaddi tournament was organised amongst the best teams of Haryana. By the images that Sangram shared with us on facebook, it seemed like a huge success. The crowd came in thousands, had a great time and athletes were well rewarded for their amazing performances on the field.

What else? Sangram himself got on the field, took selfies with the players, presented the trophy and motivated them in a big way with a great speech.

As he posted on Facebook about Kabaddi,

‘Ye Khel Apna hai’


Enjoy the images! 🙂