As we know, Instagram has become the favorite social networking for lots of people. Considering the fact, Instagram is testing its new “favorites” feature that will allow users to share posts with limited friends, according to the Verge.

Instagram is upgrading a new favorites tab as well, represented by a star. Basically, the tab will incorporate all posts that an Instagram user has shared with a favorites group.

Instagram users can remove or add friends from the favorites list at any moment. Do not fret! A user removes from the favorites list won’t be notified of the changes and all. However, it’ll lose access to users’ private posts. Meantime, people who are on a friend’s favorite tab will appear a green badge with their posts. Even though Instagram hasn’t specified the number of people which can be added to our favorites list, but we believe in between ten to thirty.

“Some people are trying to hack Instagram to create smaller audiences, and we’re identifying with our best”, stated Robby Stein.

Instagram is keen to upgrade its new feature “favorites” that has been rolled out for a small number of users as of now. A bigger rollout to all can be expected in the upcoming months.

Instagram has over 700 million monthly users, recently added a host of new features, users will love the most. Instagram enthusiasts can now Archive their posts, to make them public at the later time. Moreover, all archived posts will remain private, that means it’ll not be visible to ‘Instagram Followers’.

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