Sangram Singh is an inspiration to millions. He got up from a wheelchair to win the World Title in Professional Wrestling for India. Payal Rohatgi is an exception, an engineer who gave up her chosen line of profession for passion of acting. Together, they make an even interesting and a damn good looking pair.

During the Amazon Fashion India Week, where the duo was present for Sangram’s new sportswear launch, Vanilla News got the chance to talk with them.


Here are our questions and their answers, as it went.


Vanilla News: First of all, congratulations for your own sportswear brand. We just came to know how affordable it is, definitely one for the masses. So, where did the idea come from?

Sangram: Thank you so much! The thing is, I am from a very small village, with a modest upbringing. There was a time when I would run without shoes in my feet. I couldn’t buy a tracksuit for winters because I couldn’t afford it. I always felt like doing something for those kids like me because, real India resides in them. Those are the kids who bring medals. I had promised to myself that whenever I become able enough, I have to do something for them. When FDCI asked me to do it, that too, here in the Nehru Stadium, where I have played many matches, there could have been no better opportunity. Then, Rohit Pal ji came along. He is the one who is designing all the clothes and shoes. He has been very supportive and that is how SGX came to life. It is a very affordable brand. We have kept the price range from Rs 100 to Rs 999. Anyone can afford it. I don’t want anyone to run without shoes because they can’t afford it.

Vanilla News: Sir, you are a Youth Icon. Many youngsters look up to you. What will be your message to them?

Sangram: First of all, youngsters should never make a limit in their minds. Anyone can do anything. In my life, failure is not a word. For me, ‘fail’ means First Attempt In Life. Dream big and achieve it.If your dream is in the right direction, for the betterment of the society, then you should never back out. No one should ever give up on their dreams. If you are honest in your effort, success will come to you. I can write this on a stamp paper.

Vanilla News: We have seen that you have always taken risk in your life. Generally, a young fellow in India with a government job would not want to leave it, but you left your job to follow your passion for wrestling. You keep signing death contracts for your matches. Even now, you are going to have a match in South Africa soon. So, how are you able to do it?

Sangram: I think, it happened to me while I was in Delhi Police. I learnt about the life in many ways, lost fear, met people. Many people motivated me in Delhi Police. From there only I got the start. To be honest, life is very short and one should always fulfill his dreams. If you see dreams and can’t achieve them, then what is the point of life? I tried, I failed. I tried again, I failed again. Two times, three times, four times. Success will come if you keep trying.

Vanilla News: We have watched you on Big Boss. We saw how you never used your muscle power on the show and always kept your calm.

Sangram: You know a funny thing? I never watched big boss. I had bought a house and I had to pay its EMI. That is why I participated, just wishing to get some money. *laughs*


Vanilla News: So, do you still practice regularly?

Sangram: Twice a day at least. Without good fitness, nothing will happen. I try doing all sorts of things. Shows, realities, movies, but I can’t do daily soaps because it takes a lot of time. Fitness is very important. These days anyway, only bodybuilders are coming to the glamour world. Everyone has a body these days.

Vanilla News: A personal question for you two. How did you meet?

Sangram: This accident happened four years ago. *Laughs*

Payal: Oh? Accident? Actually, we were doing a reality show in Philippines called Survivor India. I was going through a lot of stress and pressure because I had no experience of the jungle and there was a lot of politics going on against me too. I found Sangram to be a genuine person there so I shared my issues with him. From there we became friends and now we are engaged.

Vanilla News: Congrats! By the way, Payal, you are an engineer by degree as per what we know, right?

Payal: Yes! Actually, I come from a very educated family. Even my father is an engineer from IIT in Chemical, my mother is a teacher, my brother has also done his Engineering from IIT Chennai. So, yeah. Not even in dreams had anyone any connections with the glamour world. But I had passion. I am a bit impulsive and it happened. I am here today.

Sangram: I went to IIT Kanpur, IIT Chennai, Anna University (from where Payal’s mother has studied) as chief guest. So I often joke how when you study less, this happens to you!

Vanilla News: Sangram, after SGX, which is exclusively sportswear, are you also planning to come to mainstream business?

Sangram: I have just started with shoes. After this, we will add accessories. Then I am planning to launch something with organic food. I personally like organic food a lot. I want to bring a brand for the common people, affordable and healthy.

Vanilla News: Kids these days are under a lot of pressure. Like, right now, 12th boards are going on and yesterday’s paper was very tough. What will you say to them?

Sangram: Kids these days have a lot of creativity. I go to IITs and there everyone has 95% marks as eligibility criteria. I got 33-34 all the time. So, they are very talented and creative and can do anything. They just need to believe in themselves.

Vanilla News: Payal, Sangram takes so many risks. He keeps signing these death contracts. Don’t you stop him?

Payal: Never. I am worried alright but it is his passion and everyone should follow their passion. I hate when he breaks his jaw or something because I love him so much, but I will never stop him from pursuing his destiny.

Vanilla News: Youth is trying crazy things these days just to look slim and good. Sometimes, it has adverse effect. What will be your message to them?

Sangram: If one wants to be fit, he needs to eat a lot. Eat small chunks of food on regular intervals. Don’t eat too much at once. But keep eating healthy and do workout regularly. I keep eating all the time.

Fitness doesn’t mean getting slim. It means to have a healthy body. You should sleep at least 6 hours daily.

Vanilla News: Thanks Sangram and Payal. You are an inspiration.

Both: Thanks a lot.

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