It seems like Apple is already gearing up for the iPhone’s 10th birthday with groundbreaking changes being considered for its next flagship model.

According to TIME, the successor of the iPhone 7 will have a curved screen and a lack of home button. Apart from that, it will also have a different charging port.

Contrary to reports that it will be wirelessly charged, you’ll still have to charge using cables.

Fret not however, since the new cable will be a tremendous upgrade over the Lightning connector which has been Apple’s standard cable since 2012’s iPhone 5. The new USB-C cable will allow faster data transfer, faster charging and most importantly compatibility on either side. Remember when you had to fiddle with your charging cable to properly plug it in? USB-C will not have that problem.

Early adopters of the USB-C include Apple’s latest line of Macbooks. The move to have iPhones use the USB-C could be seen as a move to provide more efficient charging and data transfer for the famed smartphone.

Other speculated features include a fully revamped front camera with facial recognition and augmented reality. Apple has not made any confirmations about the upcoming model.

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