“Life is too short. People waste it with overthinking. One should live life. Jio Zindagi Ko! Life is like boiling milk. If milk gets boiled, we will drink it, if it goes bad while boiling, we will make paneer out of it. Either way, life is wonderful.”

Ace Wrestler and motivational speaker, Sangram Singh told the students of Aishwarya College here in Jodhpur on Wednesday. Sangram was the chief guest for the Annual Function of Aishwarya College on special invitation by Rajasthan Development Minister Mr. Shreechand Kriplani.

While narrating his life story to the full house of students, two times gold medalist and World Heavyweight Champion  Sangram said,

“I have no talents. My only talent is that I never give up. Whatever is your goal in life, if you keep following it without stopping or backing out, then no one can stop you. People love to demotivate. They say things that would make you feel low. It is easier to defeat someone, to demotivate someone but one should try to make people win. Never Give up! I say everywhere I go because that is all I have learnt and I know.”