During the first meeting with the US President at White House, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited Ivanka Trump on to lead an American delegation of entrepreneurs to India on Monday.

According to the reports, Modi said, basically, “I have invited Ivanka to lead the US delegation to global entrepreneurship forum,” while jointly addressing the media with President Donald Trump following a one-on-one with the President and delegation-level talks between the both sides.

After the Invitation, remarking on Ivanka Trump, the US President Trump stated, “…and I believe she has accepted,” and PM Modi also extended an invitation to me and the rest of the family to come to India.

Ivanka Trump, 35, the daughter of Donald Trump, praised PM Modi at the White House and thanked after an invitation on Twitter. Have a look at what she wrote,

Ivanka Trump, the businesswoman, and her husband Jared Kushner are both advisors to President Trump. The US President’s old daughter Ivanka Trump had also been assigned her own West Wing office in the period of March.

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