I guess there are two inseparable things — cricket and memes; as we see ‘tweeple’ are quite active nowadays, and people won’t leave a single opportunity to take a dig at whosoever like actors, or cricketers with trolls.

Whenever a cricketer makes mistakes, ‘tweeple’ go mad and start making fun of him. At some points, ‘tweeple’ who make fun of others is fine, but do the police too started doing so? Yes, of course, we have an example of Jaipur Police.

The Jaipur Police mocked of Jasprit Bumrah with a ‘No-Ball Ad’ and that was hurt Jasprit Bumrah. As we know, it started from a final match, with a dramatic no-ball, where the Fakhar Zaman scored over 100 runs which proved to be costly for India.

Last night, Jaipur Police posted a tweet to warn people about the road safety, where taking a dig at Bumrah’s No-ball. But later on, when Jasprit Bumrah replied, Jaipur Police deleted the tweet. We got a screenshot. Have a look.


Read the caption, “Don’t cross the line. You know it can be costly”.


After a drama, Jasprit Bumrah replied, where Jaipur Police used the picture on hoardings too:


In response, the Jaipur Traffic Police apologized on Twitter:

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