It seems as if the wish of the entire world might come true in the coming months. With falling merchandise sales and tv ratings, the management in WWE are in a feat of desperation. And as it seems, they are considering their most dreaded dream. Turning John Cena heel. It is obvious that WWE needs a major shakeup, some sort of a revolution, much like the attitude era did to it. Audience have outgrown the product and despite the influx of new and great talents, the magic has not happened.

Hence, as reported by Daily Wrestling News, a Cena heel turn might prove to be a masterstroke,

Here is what the website reported,

There’s significant concern within WWE over top Superstars John Cena and Roman Reigns, and their merchandise sales. Cena’s merch sales are said to be way down from one year ago and WWE is worried about that because Roman Reigns isn’t connecting with fans like they want. Reigns’ merchandise numbers are coming nowhere near where they need to be to make up for the loss with Cena.

WWE officials are worried that Cena’s audience is growing older and becoming less interested in his merchandise, and he’s not doing as well with kids as he has in recent years. WWE has always kept Cena as a babyface, mainly because of his strong merchandise numbers, and this wasn’t reported by a source, but it was speculated that maybe this could lead to Cena finally turning heel.

The drop in Cena’s merchandise sales has caused WWE Shop to be overstocked on his designs, which is why they’ve had more sales as of late.

With all that said, Cena is still WWE’s biggest merchandise mover but officials are really hoping theWrestleMania 32 push for Reigns works because the feeling is that there’s no one else on the roster that can help fill the Cena void, at least in terms of merchandise.

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