Before we get into how entertaining or not the latest episode of Koffee with Karan with Farah Khan and Sania Mirza was, you should know that in the last segment of the show, the Koffee quiz, one of the ‘sports’ questions asked to Mirza was on a character in Lagaan.

Yes, it was that kind of episode. Where Farah Khan, who was her sassiest best, claimed the only reason a quirky combination like herself and Mirza were on the show is because they are trendy, or else why would Karan Johar invite them.

They spoke about Sania Mirza’s career and how it felt to be on the number one spot in the doubles category, her marriage to Shoaib Malik (and how the secret to a successful marriage is possibly distance and space, since the two travel so much), and how everyone is always asking her when she will ‘settle down’.

At this point, Farah Khan quipped in to say, “I think only mud really settles down.”

The parts of this episode that was genuinely funny and entertaining was when Khan was being her wittiest best. She revealed how if one invites Karan Johar to a party he first makes fun of everyone in attendance and once he’s bored, will start to criticise the cutlery (why aren’t we surprised).

There was much discussion about who would look good from the industry without a shirt on (Hrithik was their choice), and on being asked who she would pick if she were to make her Bollywood debut, Mirza picked Salman Khan to be her costar. That would definitely be an interesting choice.

In a question about her sex life (because which episode of Koffee with Karan doesn’t have that), she said her husband (Shirish Kunder) wished she’d have an affair already, and then immediately after said, “but you know i’m such a prude”. She also spoke about being fitter, so she’s able to be as energetic as her kids, and almost sealed a film co-production deal with Johar.

Mirza was mostly seen laughing to Khan’s jokes, and giving out diplomatic answers, even in the rapid fire round. Farah Khan was diplomatic as well, but be thoroughly entertaining nonetheless. She claimed her favourite director was Vijay Anand, and actress, Nutan, because, and we quote, “I like them when they’re dead.”

The episode was sporadically boring, but you could definitely see the friendship between Sania Mirza and Farah Khan.

(Watch it here)