Alia and Varun have now done three films together, and their chemistry seems to be only growing. So much so that they are constantly bickering.

We are also shown a video of Alia crying while on set with Varun, because there was no food (only cheeseballs). Much to her embarassment, Varun revealed at this point that he is in love with Alia’s character in Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, and that it was okay for her to eat cheeseballs because they wanted to fatten her up, and have fuller cheeks.

Yes, that really happened. Thankfully, Karan Johar agreed in time that they were objectifying her (kind of rich, given they spent a whole minute discussing how Alia needs a blower on her when she is shooting songs. #firstworldproblems)

There was a bit when Varun called Parineeti Chopra his senior (really?) because she was launched before him, and when Alia claimed that her career is her first priority. At this point Varun chimed in again, stating he wishes Alia gets married and stays happy (by which he means have lots of kids.)

We’re trying to figure out if these Gen Y, young actors are genuinely this corny or if this is good publicity for their new film. The entire 50 minutes of the episode was spent discussing their Dharma universe, more or less. While Varun and Alia are adorable and their film seems quite interesting, we’re getting a little bored of this over-sexual, one-dimensional and highly promotional season of Koffee with Karan.

(Watch this episode here.)