Mainstream history tells Rani Padmavati not history as myth. People’s history tells them the character of their stories. Padmavati is a queen who is seen hanging between history and literature. People’s history is not considered in the absence of evidence. But history is also the myth. Because a part of society runs it with its generation every generation.

But imagine in a situation where such a character occupy both the history and the consciousness of today. Such is clearly visible in the context of Padmavati and many such characters in history.

Those who debated on the history of Padmavati did not know the name of any other queen of the fort, who got Jawhar with Padmavati. Padmavati was not alone. 18 thousand women According to the stories told by the queens, princesses, the Kshatriyans, the ancestors, the priests, the servants and the slaves, were swav in this fire. Do anyone remember their name?

It is said that Khilji had killed 30 thousand people in a single day. They did not die in any bomb blast or in the landslide. Fighting and fighting died Defeated but fought before losing. So his life did not have any value. Do you know about this history somewhere else? For the sake of justice, Johar grew up to be sacrificed in order to protect his kingdom. And what sacrifices are so small that they do not have any namesake. Sacrificed Kshatriyas remained only numbers. The figure of people killed Bus.

There must have been a whole population within and outside this fort, in which there are no people, communities of people, who do not know. What happened to them in these wars? Who killed them and who made their slaves. They were kept in the balance of destiny on which side. History is silent about this. There is no name, no reference.

Just the history of the queen is history. She is a heroine of literature and is a worshiper of history for those who believe in part of history. But what is the basis? Is that just because she was a queen, her sacrifice grew up? What just because she was a beautiful woman, her sacrifice was heavy on the rest of the rains, people, castes. The flame of fire does not distinguish between the skin of the queen and the maid, and the pain of burning does not recognize people differently.

Courtship history is of kings and queens only. Similar illness is also of literature. A large part of the two has been confined to the sacrifices of Raj Prasad’s sacrifice for a longer time.

Padmavati is straying from real issues

The character of Padmavati is a matter of discussion again on the excuse of the film. For anyone, this is the opportunity to play with the storyline, then the question of the prestige of caste for anyone. And it is happening at a time when people are worried about the way forward after seeing one year of a ban on the filing.

GST’s kill has kept people upset. The impact has been so incurred by the government that it has been forced to change its rules. The GST is no longer left to the GST as the Government has been bowled over its decision.

In Delhi, thousands of laborers were camping for three days and urged the government to keep their demands and no one came to hear them. At the time the article is being written, thousands of people are standing to return to different parts of the country after expressing their anger all day on the path of the parliament. Some do not have the rent money and some have food nearby.

There is no hearing of the youth working for employment. And among them all have been hidden, during the Gujarat elections, the real issues of the people that should have been discussed should have been attending. Make Gujarat model a model of the country by mandate. Then the election there holds special significance for the country. People should tell the issues and the ground truths there. But this is not happening.

The issue of Padmavati is the issue of prime time. Those who are missing till yesterday are debating on Padmavati. Extraordinary anchors towards history and society are engaged in making noise through making noise. Some are winning airtime in Bhansali’s advocacy. Padmavati’s character is literally removing the country with issues of people and playing the game in the virtual world elsewhere.

This second truth of the existence of Padmavati is also true of the era of which the characters are told and even today when the country facing the real issues has become violent and irrational around a cinema.

Of course, these people are important for the existence and practicality, consciousness and history.

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