RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav will be present before the CBI in the Railway Tender case. Lalu had to appear before October 3, but he was not present. In addition to Lalu, his son will be present in front of the CBI on the other day.

Rabri convenes party meeting

A day before Laloo’s muscle, former Chief Minister Rabri Devi had convened a meeting of party legislature on her official residence 10, Circular Road. In which the district presidents, including several MLAs of the party, including the Legislative Councilors were called. According to sources, in the Legislature meeting, it was discussed that in what way the party is going through a crisis and what is the strategy of the party in future?

According to knowledgeable sources, it was also discussed in the meeting that if Laloo Prasad and Tasvish Yadav were arrested after questioning the CBI in the Railway Tender scam, how would the party contest it?

What is the whole matter?

In fact, Chanakya BNR Hotel of Ranchi and Puri was the Heritage Hotel of Railways. Laloo Yadav, while being the Railway Minister, sold these hotels on lease. Both of these hotels were of British times, hence it had historical significance, but it is no longer because these hotels have been completely renovated.

Prasad and his family have been linked to Ranchi and Puri in the case of unauthorized property worth 1,000 thousand rupees. When Laloo Prasad was the Railway Minister, the Railway Ministry decided to lease the historic Hotel BNR of Ranchi and Puri on lease.

Apart from some hoteliers of Ranchi, besides the close associates of Lalu Prasad and Rajya Sabha MP Premchand Gupta from Jharkhand, the company of Ranchi was able to take both the hotels and Ranchi’s BNR Hotel to Harsh Kochhar, Director, Chanakya, the famous hotel in Patna. Found on lease for 60 years.

At first the lease was lasted for 30 years, but later it was extended to sixty years. It is alleged that the state government should not get the price of leasing these two hotels on lease. In this case, Lalu Prasad says that Railways had leased these hotels under the rule and they have nothing to do with it.

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