Whether we write a book, a song or make a movie, there is always an inspiration that makes it possible.

Bollywood keeps on looking for such inspirations whether it’s from south (Tollywood) or  it’s from the west (Hollywood). But, one thing that really keeps on our filmmakers going is the inspiration from books!

Here’s a list of Bollywood movies that are based on books!

1. Chetan Bhagat’s books –

Even though the social media loves trolling Chetan Bhagat but we can never ignore him. The author has given Bollywood four movies, out of which two were huge blockbusters!

One Night At The Call Center – Hello

21 Moves Based On Books!


Five Point Someone – 3 States

21 Moves Based On Books!

2 States – 2 States

21 Moves Based On Books!

The 3 Mistakes Of My Life – Kai Po Che

21 Moves Based On Books!

2.  Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s books – 

He was a Bengali novelist and a story-teller of the early 20th century. He gave us two of the most special movies of Bollywood, Devdas – Devdas and Parineeta – Parineeta.


21 Moves Based On Books!


21 Moves Based On Books!


3. The Guide – Guide 

Do you remember “Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai”? The movie that gave us this song is one of the classics of Bollywood. R.K Narayan who is also a Padma Vibhushan winner gifted Bollywood the story of Guide.

The novel was also critically acclaimed!

21 Moves Based On Books!


4. Emma – Aisha 

Aisha is considered one of Sonam Kapoor’s best movies but did you know that it’s based on the novel by Jane Austen? Yes, the movie was inspired by the novel, Emma.

21 Moves Based On Books!

5. Shakespeare 

We all are aware of Bollywood’s love for Shakespeare. We have seen some of the best and iconic movies that were inspired by  Shakespeare’s novels.

Othello – Omkara

The movie took Bollywood by the storm after it’s release. Langda Tyagi,  Kesu Firangi or Omkara, these characters are still remembered by all of us. The movie was based on Othello.

21 Moves Based On Books!

Hamlet – Haider 

It won’t be wrong to say Haider owned 2014 year. The movie that brought Shahid Kapoor back in Bollywood was based on Hamlet written by Shakespeare.

21 Moves Based On Books!

Macbeth – Maqbool 

Filled with bloodshed and deceit, the interpretation of a dark tragedy like Macbeth into a Mumbai Gangster story was perhaps as gripping as the play was. With Irrfan Khan, Tabu, Piyush Mishra and Pankaj Kapoor in lead roles, Maqbool is one of the best on-screen adaptation of the Shakespeare play to date.

21 Moves Based On Books!

6. Ruskin Bond 

Susanna’s seven husbands – 7 Khoon Maaf 

Did you know Vishal Bhardwaj had requested Ruskin Bond to elaborate his 4-page story of Susanna’s Seven Husbands? The short story was later converted into an 80-page novella that was adapted into a film eventually!

21 Moves Based On Books!

The Blue Umbrella – The Blue Umbrella 

Another Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaption of Ruskin Bond’s novel which was a critically acclaimed film. The movie won the National Award For The Best Children’s film in 2005.

21 Moves Based On Books!

7. The Last Leaf – Lootera

Not a book but a short story by O Henry that was converted to a movie by Vikramaditya Motwane.The character of Pakhi Roy Chaudhary was inspired from the story. Although, Vikramaditya developed the character of Nandu (conman) for the movie!

21 Moves Based On Books!

8. White Nights – Saawariya

When we think of Saawariya, the only things that comes to our mind was the towel or how the movie was so blue! Don’t you think so? The movie was based on a short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky!

21 Moves Based On Books!

9. Sehab, Bibi Aur Golam – Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam

Sehab, Bibi Aur Golam wirtten by a Bengali author, Bimal Mitra was adapted in a movie by Guru Dutt in 1962!

21 Moves Based On Books!

10. The Citadel – Tere Mere Sapne

The movie Tere Mere Sapne is where Dev Anand plays the lead role is the Indian adaption of The Citadel!

21 Moves Based On Books!

11. A Flight Of Pigeons – Junoon

The novel, A Flight of Pigeons was made into the critically acclaimed movie, Junoon by the famous, Shyam Benegal in 1978.

21 Moves Based On Books!

12. Pinjar – Pinjar

Pinjar which is based on the Punjabi novel of the same name written by Amrita Pritam.

21 Moves Based On Books!

13. Shatranj Ke Khiladi – Shatranj Ke Khiladi

Satyajit Ray’s masterpiece was in fact, an adaption of Munshi Premchand’s book by the same name!

21 Moves Based On Books!

14. Saraswatichandra – Saraswatichandra

Remember the TV series, Saraswatichandra? Well, it’s all an adaption of the novel, Saraswatichandra!

21 Moves Based On Books!

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