It was Wednesday, the 7th of December, when Sub-Inspector Rambir had gone to attend a hearing, related to a case in which he was an investigating officer, in the High Court.

Hungry, he stopped at a fruit vendor’s stall in the India Gate area while returning. He bought two guavas, after getting them ‘customised’ with a coat of masala. As soon as he ate them, he lost consciousness right there, reports Mail Online.

He woke up to missing valuables that he had had. A gold chain, his wallet that contained his Delhi Police identity card, an ATM card, driver’s licence and a ring were the things that went missing.

By the way, the chain was worth ₹2 lakh.

Rambir had been taken to a hospital where he gave his statement to Police. A case has been registered. However, the police haven’t been able to look into the CCTV footage of the area yet. The alleged thief is absconding and obviously, none of the valuables has yet been recovered.

Also, to think of it, perhaps Sub-Inspector Rambir fell unconscious just by chance and someone else took advantage of him. Maybe the guava seller is not involved at all. Anyway, only investigations can answer these questions.