Under the leadership of Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha, the batch of angry farmers left from Nashik has now reached the Azad Maidan of Mumbai. For the demands of complete debt forgiveness ie debt relief, these farmers have arrived in Mumbai after about 200 kilometers of hiking. So far, the government has not considered the demand of farmers. Have formed a committee to consider the demands. After which the angry farmers are going to cover the assembly today.

Updates …

-A cisons delegation will meet Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. The meeting will be held at 2 pm, after which the farmers will take a decision on the next step.

Mumbai’s traffic joint commissioner Amitesh Kumar said that no road has been blocked due to the movement of farmers. Apart from this, no routes have been diverted.

On March 6, after leaving Nashik, in the convoy of farmers, on reaching Mumbai on Sunday, about 40 thousand farmers were added. On reaching Thane, Shiv Sena leader and minister in Maharashtra government also met him and announced support. From here the farmers have reached Mumbai’s historic Azad Maidan during the night.

Today, children’s board exams are for which the farmers are halted. As soon as the examination is over, the farmers will go out to cover the assembly.

Government ready to negotiate

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday night said that his government is ready to talk to farmers. He also appealed to protesters not to stop the traffic in the city on Monday. So that student who takes the 10th examination in the city does not have trouble going to the examination centers.

Fadnavis has said that the government will talk to them and resolve their issues. Government is positive about their demands. He said, ‘We have formed a committee of ministers to discuss their demands. We have called them (farmers’ leaders) for talks.

These are the demand of farmers

– The first demand of the farmers doing the movement is completely debt forgiveness. Debt taken from banks has become a burden for the farmers. With the change of season every year the crops are being destroyed. In such a case, farmers want them to get rid of debt.

– Farmers organizations say that most farmers of Maharashtra are unable to pay electricity due to crop failure. Therefore, they are exempted from the electricity bill.

He is also angry with not getting the right price for the crops. The government had given MSP gifts to the farmers in the recent budget, but some organizations believed that the scheme of the MSP of the Central Government was merely a show.

– Farmers are demanding the implementation of recommendations of Kisan Swaminathan Commission.

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