MediaTek has recently launched Pump Express 3.0, its fastest smartphone charging technology to date. The company claims that the new technology will charge a smartphone battery from zero to seventy percent in as little as 20 minutes—almost twice as fast as competing solutions currently on the market and five times faster than conventional charging.  It is found in the MT6732 and MT6595 chipsets, along with newer chips that come out.

Qualcomm introduced a similar feature called Quick Charge, and the Quick Charge 2.0 present in the latest Qualcomm-powered smart devices lets these devices charge up to 75% faster.

Pump Express allows DC wall charger to determine the initial voltage required to recharge the battery, based on its current charge. The voltage is then gradually increased to up to 5V to maximize the charging current. The version of the device for DC wall chargers come with an output of less than 10W (5V). The Pump Express Plus for chargers come with an output of 15W or more (up to 12V).

Select MediaTek smartphone and tablet SoCs already support fast-charging technology, and the Pump Express technology is available on all MediaTek’s mobile SOCs. It is expected to be available in commercial devices by the first half of 2014.

Anyway, the technology works at three levels: Regular, Turbo 1 and Turbo 2. They are locked at 1.67A of current, but boost the voltage to deliver more power. The Turbo 2 step seems identical to Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0.

Now, you’ll certainly need a compatible charger, the first one is dubbed HF-QC-084, which may be mouthful but should be easy to Google. The first phone to support Pump Express Plus is the Koobee Halo 3.






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