58-year-old Indian mountaineer, Paresh Chandra Nath, who went missing on Mount Everest nearly a week ago, was found dead on Friday, above Mount Everest’s Camp IV. Attempts were being made to retrieve the body of other Indian climbers, Subhash Pal and Goutam Ghosh, whose body has also been reportedly spotted, but it has not been recovered yet.

Loben Sherpa, who had organised the expedition of four Indian climbers in Mount Everest, said that a team of six Sherpas retrieved Nath’s body.

Sherpas could not move ahead from the higher camp to locate another missing climber Goutam Ghosh whose body was also reportedly lying above 8,000 metres on the high mountain.
“High wind forced the rescuers to descend from the Camp IV after locating Paresh Nath’s body,” he said.

It was very difficult for bringing the body to the base camp due to bad weather, he said adding that the dead body of another Indian climber, Subhash Pal who also went missing with Nath, 58, Saturday, was spotted in the mountain’s triangular face.

Nath and Ghosh were near the summit of the 8,848-metre peak last Saturday when they lost contact with the rest of the four-member team, all of whom were Indians.

Five people have died so far during this Himalayan climbing season, which saw about 400 mountaineers summit the world’s highest peak, officials have said.




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