Motorola can be expected to announce a ‘Plus’ variant alongside the regular Moto G4 this year, if a new leak is to be believed. Phone tipster Evan Blass aka @evleaks has shared an image on Twitter claiming to show the Moto G4 Plus. While the image doesn’t show the entire handset but it does show the home button which is likely to integrate the fingerprint scanner. Currently, it’s not clear whether the fingerprint scanner is a standalone sensor or if it is integrated into the home button, just like Samsung’s Galaxy handsets.

Recently, front panel of an alleged Moto X3 featuring a fingerprint scanner right below the display was also pictured in the wild. Considering that both the leaked images show similar setup of buttons below the display, we can expect Lenovo and Motorola to make the fingerprint scanner placement standard in upcoming line-up of Moto handsets.

Additionally, Nowhereelse has posted a bunch of images claiming to show the front and rear panel of the Moto G4 Plus smartphone. The leaked live image of the front panel of the Moto G4 Plus corroborates the presence of the home button. It also shows the Moto logo present at the left corner above the display. Another image showing the back panel of the Moto G4 Plus purportedly shows an all-new rear camera setup. Unlike the present generation, the Moto G4 Plus is likely to house a silver lining holding just the primary camera and LED flash. The iconic Moto logo on the back is placed separately in the middle and unlike previous generation of the Moto G is not attached to the rear panel.

Lenovo last month had confirmed plans to overhaul the Moto brand to “Moto by Lenovo”. Now, the first two possible phones of the revamped brand have been spotted in leaked images.

Fan group HellomotoHK had recently shared images of the purported Moto G 2016 and Moto X 2016 prototypes. In the leaked images, the Moto G and Moto X prototypes can be seen in what can be said to be the manufacturing facility for the phones. HellomotoHK in a Facebook post shared three images and said, “Lenovo Decryption.” While we are not sure what the source meant by ‘decryption’, it is possible the final design of the phones may change before launch.

One out of two phones is seen featuring metal rear panel while the other sports a similar back panel design as the Moto G (Gen 3). In one of the leaked images, the bigger model (can be believed to be the next-generation Moto X) is seen featuring an iPhone 5s-like back panel. The rear panel is also seen featuring a circular design likely to be the fingerprint scanner.

All these leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt as Motorola has not mentioned anything about the upcoming device and the legitimacy of the leaks remains questionable.

Last month, Motorola came out refuting claims that Lenovo may kill the immensely popular Moto E or Moto G. The company said that both the Moto E and Moto G lineup will live on.

In other news, Motorola had recently announced price cuts for the Moto G (Gen 3) and Moto G Turbo Edition in India.


(The article was originally published on Gadgets 360)

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