MTV Roadies Rising is all set to begin it’s journey from April 8, 2017. The contestants are selected and have put up a pretty amazing fight to earn a spot on the deadliest ever season of MTV Roadies. The gang leaders Rannvijay Singh Singha, Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia and Karan Kundra  have put the candidates they selected, through a screening process to select the best few to accompany them in this journey and be their warriors. Those googly candidates which Harbhajan Singh  selected got a privilege and were directly chosen for the journey. He has so far chosen 7 members and has saved the last and the best googly for Rannvijay Singh.

He gives 3 options to Rannvijay Singh. The three worst candidates, who got rejected by Rannvijay, to choose from. Ashima, Veerpal and Samta. Rannvijay gives them a reality check and tells them that they were never his first choice and have to prove themselves to get selected. Harbhajan Singh then once again turns the ball around and selects Veerpal for Rannvijay’s gang.

When Harbhajan signs off from the show, Karan Kundra announces that he has to leave the show and now Nikhil Chinappa will take over his gang. The gangs give him a teary-eyed goodbye and the other gang leaders welcomes Nikhil for this journey.

The gang leaders put their selected candidates through a culling round where they grill them with tasks and select the best warriors. Prince decides some show off rounds for his candidates, Rannvijay asked his candidates to go through a ballet tutorial to get selected. A dance face-off happened for Karan’s final selection.

The final candidates who became warriors for this season are:

Prince Narula’s Gang (Contestants Names):Meenal, Baseer, Rachita, Varun, Divya, Milan.

Karan Kundra’s Gang (Contestants Names): Ankita, Cheeranjivi, Khushnuma, Rahul Gautam, Priyank, Prabjot

Neha Dhupia’s Gang (Contestants Names): Mandeep Singh, Shane, Gurpreet, Raakhi, Vaishali, Shweta

Rannvijay’s gang (Contestants Names): Samar, Samyukta, Aggy Carvalho,
Shiv, Shubham Sharma, Veerpal

You can watch the full culling episode of MTV Roadies Rising right here on VOOT. 

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