Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who is also fondly called Little Master, launched the trailer of his film Sachin: A Billion Dreams in Mumbai today. The trailer brings back all the great memories of this cricketing champion’s exciting and heartening career. Ask Sachin how he feels about this moment and he says, “I am feeling as nervous as I was at the first ever press conference of my life, after my first hundred in 1990, in Manchester.”

On this occasion the Master Blaster shared a secret with us on why he finally decided to let go of his low key personal life and make this tell-all film. He said, “Yes, I’m a private person but over a period of time I’ve also figured out that there are certain things that people want to see and know. And I’ve made all possible efforts to live up to their expectations, and also what I feel comfortable with, so there is the in-between balance that we have tried to create here.”

Sachin is not just promoting his docu-drama, he himself is a cinema lover and thinks that good films stay with you forever. To add to this, he shared, “Somebody asked me a few days ago that which was the first film I ever watched, and all I could think of was this incidence when I was home, I was around three or four years old. My family was constantly discussing Dharmendraji’s movie called ‘Maa’. Finally the day arrived when we went to watch the film, and when the bus conductor, yes we were traveling by bus, asked what ticket we wanted, I said I want a ticket for ‘Maa’! Those kind of things stay with you, and that’s also something we’ve tried to include in our movie. There are certain moments in the movie that will stay with you, I’m hoping they stay with you.”

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