Indian Navy Day 2018 is celebrated every year on December 4. On this day the officers of the Navy have remembered, during the war with Pakistan, our navy drowned three of their three ships on the Karachi port under Operation Trident.

More than 500 soldiers of Pakistan were killed in this war. Naval missile boats were used for the first time in this operation. In memory of this successful campaign, every year on December 4, it is celebrated as Indian Navy day.

The Indian Navy plays a very important role in securing the marine borders of the country as well as enhancing the international relations of India through seaport visits, joint exercises, humanitarian missions, calamity relief and so on.

As per The modern Indian navy has as undergone speedy renovation in order to improve its position in the Indian Ocean region. According to the report, the strength of the Indian Navy includes of 58,350 personnel, an aircraft carrier(INS Vikramaditya), a big transport dock(INS Jalashwa), 15 frigates, 8 guided missile destroyers, 24 corvettes, 13 conventional submarines, 1 nuclear attack submarine, 30 patrol vessels, 7 mine countermeasure vessels including the variety of auxiliary ships.



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