No doubt, there were lots of speculations on new rules, but come October 1, all such valuable players like Chris Gayle, David Warner, Kieron Pollard and one of the best captain of all time MS Dhoni might have to think to change his bat before mauling with the best bowlers in the “cricket world”.

Those who don’t know about new rules, basically, the thick edges of bats which are currently loaded with wood toward the bottom, will now limit to within 40mm under the action of Marylebone Cricket Club. So that means, these cricketers will need to change his bats.

Although the fab four in the world, firstly, the Indian skipper Virat Kohli, whose bat conform to the new specifications of MCC. Others are — AB de Villiers, Joe Root, and Steve Smith also use a bat with less than 40mm edges and they won’t need to change sizes or anything else.

Also, seemingly from out of nowhere, that starting from David Warner to Chris Gayle, both of them still using 50mm edges that helped to bang bowlers to all parts of the ground, especially in t20 matches. And helicopter-shot specialist, MS Dhoni uses a bat with a 45mm thick edge.

So far so good, from Keiron Pollard thoughts, as he has already changed his bat, said to reporters during the IPL event that it doesn’t make sense to wait until October.

Other than Virat Kohli, most other batsmen in Team India barring MS Dhoni too, and decided to use bats within the 40mm edge. Cheteshwar Pujara, KL Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan, and rising star Rishabh Pant have bat specifications similar to Virat Kohli’s bat.

Amidst of current Indian batsman, MS Dhoni once again tops the list, uses the heaviest bat with approx 1250gm to 1300gm bat, has a 12-inch sweet spot, that starts from 4-inch above the bottom of the bat to 16-inch.

Whereas Virat Kohli’s bat is a way lighter, weighs approx 1160 gm with a just 8-inch sweet spot, that starts from 6-inch above the bottom of the bat to 14-inch. Plus, the Hitman Rohit Sharma uses a bat with approx 1160 to 1180 gm, has a 10-inch of the sweet spot, edge below to 40mm.

Another hard hitter, Yuvraj Singh aka “Yuvi”, who also started YouWeCan Foundation, uses a bat with a range of 1160gm to 1180 gm, has a 10-inch sweet point, that starts from 6-inch above the bottom of the bat to 16-inch.

As per the specification, the bat will also have a limit to 108mm in width and 67mm in depth.

Hope for the best indeed!

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