The mystery surrounding paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari’s death in the bathroom of his Dwarka flat is getting deeper and deeper. After Delhi Police suspecting that Tiwari’s family is hiding facts surrounding the death on July 7, now the police is probing homicide angle as well.

Tiwari’s father and wife were questioned for more than eight hours today and the police officials are not satisfied with the sequence of event being detailed by both of them.

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According to the family members, Gaurav had his last meal at around 6 am however as per the autopsy report the remains were not digested at all.

Based on the preliminary autopsy report, police said his death did not involve any foul play although it is yet to ascertain the reason behind Tiwari taking the extreme step.

Police has also recovered one more phone with a reliance sim card which Tiwari was using, but all the data has been erased from the phone.

Police is now planning to question a lady associate of Tiwari.

Tiwari’s father told the Times of India that his son was feeling “a negative force was pulling him towards it. “He told his wife about it a month ago, saying “he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so.” His wife dismissed his fears believing he was just depressed due to heavy workload and didn’t tell the family about it.

Police believe there was some friction between the newly married 32-year-old and his wife, and the family is trying to conceal it. India Today had earlier reported how the couple fought after Tiwari returned from a paranormal investigation late in the night – hours before his death.

According to the police, Gaurav’s family members were not happy with his ghostbusting activities which often went on till late into the night, as he was not earning much.