As the Central government has been trying hard to assure safety and security to African national, Goa Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar gave a totally opposite statement on Monday.

Parulekar said the country needs a stringent law against Nigerians “to deport them”.  “The problem of Nigerians is not only in Goa but across the country. These people come here as students, build a court case and try to stay here”, he alleged. These people get involved in unlawful acts like drugs, he added.

Parulekar said, “We should have a strict law where we can deport them. But unfortunately, there is no such law in India at the moment”. The minister was speaking to reporters after a 39-year-old woman was allegedly raped at knifepoint on Sunday by a Nigerian national.

Parulekar’s statement came at a time his party’s government at the Centre has launched damage control after attacks on Africans, including the lynching of a Congolese man on May 20 and six African students have alleged that they were attacked in Delhi last week  as well as a Nigerian student was also allegedly assaulted in Hyderabad over a minor dispute.

African envoys said in a strong letter last week that India must solve the problem of “racism and Afro-phobia” and several attacks have gone unresolved “without diligent prosecution”. After which the Central government assured the envoys that it will ensure the protection and security of Africans in India.

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