Nintendo continues to make headlines, all thanks to Pokémon Go. Now the video game giant had the biggest daily turnover of any company on the Tokyo stock market this past Friday, July 15th.

Nintendo traded 476 billion yen in one day ( $4.5 billion), according to Bloomberg, breaking the record previously held by energy company Tokyo Electric.

While this wasn’t the largest volume of Nintendo stock traded on the market (which happened on July 11th, a day after Pokémon Go’s first weekend), it was the highest value. Also, at $33 Nintendo’s stock price is still below the $70 high it hit in 2007 during its Wii days.

Pokémon Go has already added billions to Nintendo’s market value since its release. Though with all the success the game has been enjoying, there have been a few problems. Developer Niantic had to delay its international launch due to server issues caused by unexpected high demand. There have been a few security concerns as well involving Google accounts, and aHolocaust Museum in Washington DC wants to see the craze come to an end.

According to financial markets, Nintendo Co. Ltd. might be more of a mobile gaming company than a seller of gaming consoles. And that’s a sign the Pokémon Go-fueled rally in the stock might have gone too far, according to Deutsche Bank AG.

Since the launch of its viral, battery-draining hit augmented reality game in the U.S. earlier this month, shares of Nintendo have gone parabolic.

“Pokémon Go is a genuine phenomenon − just after little over a week, it has added US$19 billion to the value of Nintendo,” writes Deutsche Bank analyst Han Joon Kim. “The market is now valuing Nintendo at US$27 billion in market capitalization (ex-cash & treasury shares at book value), on a par with global leaders such as Electronic Arts Inc. and Activision Blizzard Inc. that respectively have 5 percent global video game market share versus Nintendo’s current 2 percent.”

As such, amid this frenzy, the stock price now reflects operating and financial performance that will be difficult to realize, he argued.