Let it grow! Be a Mo bro!


Ever wondered why so many men around the world stop shaving when November arrives? Have you ever laughed at that stupid guy who called November as Movember? Well, that guy is not so stupid after all.

Over the last decade, November has been accepted around the world  as the men’s health awareness month. Depression, prostate and other cancers and many other health issues from mild to deadly that we men face but they mostly stay neglected.

Just like October is breast cancer awareness month when everyone is promoted to sport pink gear, in November men are encouraged to grow their facial hair. The process is very simple. You stop using any blade on your face from first of November and let your facial hair grow for the entire month.  In simple words, it’s a ‘no-shave month’.

Movember foundation is a charity foundation which is listed in world’s top 100 NGOs as per the Global Journal.

The men who support the cause are called ‘Mo bros’, who despite not knowing each other, hold hands and work towards a healthier society for men.

The campaign focuses on mostly four issues, Prostate Cancer, Testicular cancer, Poor mental health and Physical inactivity.

Anyone interested in helping the cause can contribute as per his/her capacity. Men from around the world share their photographs on November 1, on the website and then gauge their growth until the 30th November. The best beard is awarded, “International Man of Movember”, who is selected from 21 finalists from different countries.

The campaign is mostly donation driven but if you just want to support the cause, you can also stop shaving right now for a month, make a free account on their website and share your pictures and encouragement. It is fun and it helps spread awareness about the often neglected issues that men around the world are facing.

What are you waiting for? Let us grow some beard!

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