Recently Sangram Singh had the privilege to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Charismatic leader impressed Sangram immediately with his simplicity and personality.

“He is such a busy man. He is the prime minister of India. Still, he had read at least two pages about me before meeting me. He knew things about me that most people don’t know and that is not on internet. I don’t know how.”

Said Sangram,

“I was amazed by the fact that he himself handles his twitter and facebook accounts. I was amazed because if he can do so much homework just to meet someone like me, how must he do all the other works in his life, as the PM.


Sangram is about to do a major international show on History channel for which he is as excited as scared. It is his third international series after one with Discovery channel and Survivor.

Sangram is making truck driver license for the show.

“Three competitors would make a truck journey from Manali to Leh-Laddakh in zero degrees. We will have to perform various tasks meanwhile. We need a truck license for it.”

Sangram yet doesn’t know driving a truck. He will have to learn and go through an extensive training for the same and then participate.

On being asked why he does more reality shows than ficton, he had a straight answer,

“Reality shows finish sooner. I can’t devote as much time for TV as it is needed for fictional serials. I am also a wrestler and social worker. I have been offered many shows but I can’t sit from morning to evening on sets. I also get offers for mythological serials but I cant run around with a sword on my waist for 4-5 years.”

He also said that he gets many offers for movies but none of them is really as per his expectations.

“Right now I have 50 odd scripts stacked in my almirah. I just dont like them. I keep all the scripts, out of respect for the filmmakers. Payal even scolds me sometimes for this habit.”

Sangram also said that he is doing a movie, a famous athlete’s biography but didn’t reveal the name. He is also planning to make his own shows in a few years.