The day might not be far where you won’t have to flip back and forth between Dropbox and Windows Explorer or Mac’s Finder. Dropbox is working on ‘Project Infinite’ where the idea is to allow access to files right in Finder or Explorer. This is similar to how things work in the mobile app, but with Project Infinite it is now coming to the desktop. This will work within the current Dropbox desktop client on Windows (10/8/7) as well as OS X.

Previously, if you wanted to access your Dropbox files from Explorer or Finder you had to download them from Dropbox, which is decent if you’re just using Dropbox for backup but pretty pointless if you’re using it for extra storage. These folders had a little green check on the bottom right, and the new Project Infinite folders have a gray cloud in the corner. These files will show up with a cloud icon next to them, whereas the synced files will show a green tick as they currently do. When you want to access the file, just double click on it, and the file will be downloaded and opened. This way, it will only take space on your hard drive when you want it. Now, this should make working with large number of files a lot easier, even if you don’t have the space for them on your hard drive.

Dropbox announced Project Infinite at the Dropbox Open conference in London on Tuesday, TechCrunch reported. However, there is no information about when this update will be coming to Dropbox or whether it will only be available to paid pro users or business users.


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