In Rajasthan, decorators are taking a firm stance against supporting child marriages; they have resolved not to supply wedding canopies or other paraphernalia to any union involving a minor. In a move to curb increasing incidents of child marriage, these businessmen are taking a bold move.

The suppliers intend on asking for the birth certificates of both parties involved before agreeing to work for their marriage. If they come across a family trying to wed their child before the legal adult age, or if they are provided with incorrect or false information, the body intends on informing the police and government officials.

Ravi Jindal, the president of the group Rajasthan Tent Dealers KirayaVyavsaiSamiti, has asked 47,000 tent dealers across the desert-state to join hands with him and stand their ground against this malpractice.

In Rajasthan, the favorable time (mahurat) to get married falls before the festival of Akha Teej (Akshay Tritiya), which is held in the last week of April and the first week of May. It is considered the best time for marriage between minors. Due to this, suppliers say the demand for wedding equipment is much sought after.

The Times of India reports that the initiative by this body of wedding decorators is in line with the state government’s efforts to curb child marriages.

Under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act of 2006, girls can marry only once they are 18 years of age while boys can once they turn 21. According to United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef), India is a third topped-ranked country which hosts child brides.












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