The show opened with Chris Jericho, who came to the ring and revealed someone has stolen the List of Jericho. Kevin Owens came out and said he doesn’t have the list and he doesn’t care about it, but he cares about Jericho, so they’ll find the list together, but only after they take care of Seth Rollins tonight. Stephanie McMahon then came out and said she would do everything in her power to make sure his list is returned tonight. Seth Rollins came out and he had the List. He claimed that both Stephanie and Owens were on the list. He said he will return the List, but he’s making his own list: all the parts of Owens’ body that will never be the same after he gets done with him at Hell in a Cell.

1. Enzo Amore defeated Karl Anderson. While the referee was distracted, Big Cass hit Anderson with the big boot, allowing Enzo to get the pin.

2. Sheamus and Cesaro defeated Big E and Kofi Kingston. After Cesaro took out Kingston with an uppercut, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Big E to get the pin in this non-title match.

— Dana Brooke and Bayley had an arm wrestling match. Brooke won against Bayley using her injured right arm. Bayley was about to win with her left good arm, but Dana cheap-shotted her and attacked her. Bayley hit her with a Bayley to Belly and Dana took a powder.

3. Bo Dallas defeated Curtis Axel. Dallas was able to catch a flash rollup and pin on Axel.

4. R-Truth and Goldust defeated The Shining Stars. Mark Henry and Titus O’Neil got into an argument outside the ring, which allowed Golden Truth to hit a version of the 3D for the pin.

— Sasha Banks and Charlotte had the contract signing for their Hell in a Cell Women’s Championship match, with Mick Foley presiding over it. Foley tried to talk them out of wrestling in Hell in a Cell, but they signed the contract.

5. Rich Swann defeated Brian Kendrick. TJ Perkins sat in on commentary for this match. Swann evaded the Captain’s Hook and pinned Kendrick with a rollup.

— Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman never happened. Zayn made his entrance, then Strowman got on the mic and addressed Foley, saying he didn’t consider this real competition. Zayn tried to fight him, but Strowman beat him up outside the ring and walked away. Sami got back in the ring and yelled for Strowman to come back and fight him, but Strowman walked to the back.

— Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came to the ring to respond to Goldberg. They said what happens next is on him.

6. Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. In the Triple Threat main event, Rollins reversed a double superplex attempt into a double rollup, pinning both men.

— After the match, Owens and Jericho beat down Rollins outside the ring. Rollins recovered and had a pull-apart brawl with Owens, but Owens got the better of it and gave Rollins a powerbomb against the ring apron.