We live and die for money. We work our asses off for what? Money.

Well, here are some pets that are so rich, so damn insanely rich that they would make you want to just dip your nose into water and die a petty death.

1. Gunther IV


When Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany died in 1991, she left her entire $80 million fortune to her pet, a German shepherd named Gunther III. Trustees of the estate have done well with investments, turning the inheritance into roughly $375 million, which now belongs to the next in line, Gunther IV. The pampered, jet-setting dog owns villas in Italy and the Bahamas, and in 2000 purchased Madonna’s Miami Beach mansion for $7.5 million.



2. Grumpy Cat



The Internet’s favorite kitty—circa 2014 anyway—had to be Grumpy Cat, the pet whose seemingly ever-depressed frown helped it net a personal coffee brand, a Christmas movie, and nearly 1 million followers on Instagram. Grumpy Cat’s worth has been estimated at $1 million and even $100 million. Her owner says the latter is an exaggeration, but it’s not clear by how much.


3. Toby Rimes



Toby, a poodle owned by Ella Wendel, the last remaining sister of a New York family that amassed phenomenal wealth in the Gilded Age, slept in a miniature four-poster bed in his home on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and dined nightly at a brass table with a velvet tablecloth and napkins. Wendel’s $40 million worth of property came to Toby when she died in 1931. Though the poodle died shortly after.


4. Blackie


According to Guinness World Records, the world’s wealthiest cat ever was Blackie, who inherited an estate worth $13 million when his owner, a British antiques dealer named Ben Rea, died in 1988. Granted, Internet sensation Grumpy Cat may be worth far more than that if you believe some of the estimates that have been passed around.


5. Chunmun

Wife of Brajesh Srivastava, Shabista, feeds their pet monkey Chunmun at their home in Raebareli in northern Uttar Pradesh state, February 16, 2015.

At last we come to an Indian pet. Yep. You read that right.

Chunmun, a long-tailed macaque monkey purchased in 2005 for the equivalent of $8 by an Indian couple who were ostracized from their families because of their interfaith (Muslim-Hindu) marriage. The couple says their business took off after adopting Chunmun, and they’ve thanked the monkey by raising him like a son, with home-cooked meals and much pampering. They even arranged an elaborate “wedding” for Chunmun in 2010, and in the couple’s will the monkey is the sole heir to their home and business.


(Source- TIME)

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