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Ego can be an important characteristic of a sportsperson playing a team game. Too much of it can blur the overall cause but a balanced helping can propel success.

Now, let me bring this ego dialogue into my sport. It sometimes fascinates me that how the Royal Challengers Bangalore team operates despite having three best batsmen in their ranks.

I am fascinated because all three – Gayle, AB and Virat – are supermen in their own right yet none of them tries to outdo the other. None of them seems insecure or intimidated by the presence of the other.

I’d really want to know how they manage this balance. For a moment it reminds me of the movie Shakti which featured stalwarts Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Mr Dilip Kumar. I have the seen the film and both actors seemed comfortable sharing and giving space to the other.

Sachin and Rahul

I saw this when I played alongside Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid too. I am not comparing them but merely underlining the fact that both respected the other’s talent while sticking to their own role.

For a moment, this was also seen when Rohit Sharma and Jos Buttler were engaged in a result-defining partnership on Wednesday.

Initially, Rohit tip-toed while Buttler loaded with a dimpled-smile admired his captain from the other end. Soon Buttler came down on us like a hurricane while the Rohit show paled in the background. I was desperate to get both of them out but now punching the keyboard on my laptop I can almost give a standing ovation to this Mumbai Indians’ duo. Most importantly, Buttler didn’t want to be a Rohit or vice-versa. This is crucial for any successful dressing-room.

To my mind, there was little that our bowlers did wrong. Maybe, if I have to be really critical then I’d say perhaps we missed our length far too often. There were length balls on offer which these batsmen swatted like flies.

Yorkers were at a premium, something that I have noted and will discuss with our bowling coach Wasim Akram. The great Pakistani is already at it. He gave a small but strong speech after the game. He insisted that the bowlers must figure out a Plan B or C. To be honest, I am not perturbed. I think we have a good team and we can turn it around in the coming games.

In Hyderabad

We are in Hyderabad now, a place which I like for its pace. People here don’t look that demanding or unlike Delhi they seem to have time for each other.

I like venturing out here just to absorb the culture and the feel of the place. Last time, I spent some quiet time at the Hussain Sagar Lake with a few friends. It was evening and we were belting the most delicious kebabs with fresh lime juice. This time too, I have plans to revisit the place. Maybe, a book will replace the kebabs.

Before I finish this article, please accept my best wishes for Poila Boishakh or the Bengali New Year. May God bless you all with peace and health. I am sorry I couldn’t give KKR fans a bonus reason to celebrate the New Year by winning Wednesday’s match. Let’s see if we can compensate by putting it across Sun Risers Hyderabad.

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