Roman Reigns’ suspension earlier this month caught everyone in the WWE Universe off guard.

The former World Heavyweight Champion was suspended by the WWE for 30 days after a violation of the company’s Wellness Policy, forcing him out of every single RAW and SmackDown before the Battleground PPV, as well as missing the draft on July 19.

However, that 30-day ban wasn’t the end of Reigns’ punishments, as he was forced to apologise in front of every single WWE star as a form of humiliation.

According to a report from Dave Meltzer of, before being told to pack his bags and go home instead of being on SmackDown, Reigns had to apologise to everyone.

Apparently, the WWE stars backstage were split in their feelings about Reigns’ apology, with some saying that it was completely unnecessary and only done to humiliate someone that most respect behind the scenes.

Others weren’t so kind, saying that Reigns deserved it and that all the WWE stars who don’t break rules deserved an apology. A more old-school style of thinking.

It seems like the order for Reigns to go out and apologise was made by Triple H, with Mark Carrano – who works in Talent Relations alongside HHH – telling Reigns to go say sorry to everyone.

The WWE is a weird place where backstage politics play a huge role in whether or not a wrestler moves up the card and gets into the main event scene.

It is very likely that Reigns’ suspension has shoved him down the proverbial power rankings, with Vince McMahon apparently making the decision for Reigns to lose the title to Rollins clean before Dean Ambrose cashed in just minutes later.

So, what happens from here? Well, Roman Reigns will have to win back the trust of the fans and those behind the scenes. That won’t be easy. But making that humiliating apology is a start.

(Source: Fw4 Online)