Looks like Kapil Sharma hasn’t taken kindly to former co-star Sunil Grover making inroads in Bollywood.

Sunil, who rose to fame as the cross-dressing Gutthi on the now defunct Comedy Nights with Kapil, was looking forward to promote his debut film, Coffee With D, on the comedian’s new show, when, after being postponed by a day, he was told that the two-day shoot had been cancelled.

“Sunil’s Punjabi film Vaisakhi List was allotted just five minutes last year and Kapil told him that our film would also get five minutes as opposed to the usual 30-minute slot.

Eventually, they were not invited at all,” Coffee With D director Vishal Mishra informed Mirror.

It was perhaps one of the biggest fallouts on the Hindi TV circuit when Sunil Grover decided to quit Comedy Nights With Kapil in 2014 and start his own show, Mad in India on Star Plus.

With the new show proving to be a complete dampener, Sunil Grover soon returned to Kapil’s show and even accompanied the TV star during the infamous Colors to Sony transition of the comedy show.

And now, with Sunil gearing up for his first film as the lead – Coffee with D – rumours are abuzz with claims that Kapil stopped the shoot of promotion of the film on his show!

Reacting to the rumours, Sunil said that he is no outsider to the show and The Kapil Sharma Show is as much his as Kapil’s. The shoot was cancelled because we didn’t have enough dates, he added.