In the case of black deer case, five accused were acquitted of the lower court of Jodhpur, while Salman Khan has been fined 10 thousand rupees including a five-year sentence.

In his judgment, the judge wrote that Salman Khan is guilty of deer hunting. The court said that Salman Khan is an actor, and if such a person is protected by protected black deer, then other people can also be motivated in this direction. Anyway, the incidents of killing wildlife these days are increasing, so Salman Khan should be given a severe punishment while not giving any benefit to the doubt.

Do not get punished for being an actor

At the same time, Salman’s lawyer says that Salman Khan is a film actor, and for this reason, he should not be penalized. The court’s job is not to punish for presenting a precedent. Salman Khan should not be penalized for being an actor.

Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre were acquitted in this verdict because the prosecution has failed to prove their innocence. It is not proved by the statements of the witnesses that these people incited Salman Khan to hunt.

Equal logic is applicable

The question is, what did the stars went to do with Salman Khan at Dhanani of Guru Jhabeshwar Nagar of Kankani village, 30 km away from Jodhpur at 2:00 pm. It has also been said in the judgment that due to all these stars many people go to the house. These people are connected to the film world. Due to this punishment, many people can be harmed. Salman Khan’s lawyer says that this argument should apply to his client too.

How to reach the deer Salman?

At the same time, the person named Dushyant Singh, who had taken Kankani village for hunting of deer, has also been left out. Now the question arises that how did Salman know about the deer in the village. If the local person has not told, how did Salman Khan from Mumbai come to that village? In such a case, the question of the release of Dushyant Singh is also being raised.

If you were acquitted in the Arms Act, how did you do it?

Due to the charge frames under the Arms Act, the hearing began in 18 years after 18 years, with the weapons which Salman Khan preyed on two black deers. In the same way, if he has been acquitted in the Arms Act, then what is the prey from Salman Khan.

Arms Act has not been mentioned in this decision to be acquitted. On this ground, the Jodhpur High Court acquitted Salman Khan in the case of two chinkara victims in horse farm mathania. The lower court also acquitted all accused except Salman Khan in this case.

The High Court had asked whether Salman Khan himself was driving when all the accused were acquitted. He himself was driving a gun and came from Mumbai and reached the horse farm mathania while searching for the road itself. Now the same question can arise in this case too.

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