Sarahah, the name must have been heard. A few months ago, this app was quite popular in India and especially on social media people were sharing the messages sent to it. This app was made by a developer of Saudi Arabia Jainul Abedin and he also worked in Wipro. If you have used this app or someone has sent you a feedback on it, you can reply now.

Sarahah has announced that messages sent in a paragraph can now reply. However, you can only send Emoji as reply now. According to the founder of this app, this feature is currently for iOS users only. That means just now the iPhone users can reply to the message sent by emoji. But in the coming days, this feature will come with Android smartphone.

Recently there have been some major changes in the layout and design of the Sarahah app. The company has made a full remake of the complimentary Android App.

It is worth mentioning that in a year, Sarahah has got 240 million customers in the world, but according to the company’s claim, more than 1 billion messages have been appreciated in less than a year. According to JanualAbdine Taufiq, the work is being done on paradise and there is a lot of work to be done and it will also be seen from time to time.

Indian Connection of Sarahah Founder JainulAbaidin, first of all, we tell you in an exclusive interview. He has worked in the Indian company Wipro and he has many friends here. Not only that, he has also said that he has also learned to programme from India.

Since it was used quite well in India and many people are still using it, so soon the Indian languages will also be supported in the Sarahah.

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