The Supreme Court of India backed the Bombay High Court’s decision to ban Indian Premier League matches in drought-hit Maharashtra, owing to the quantity of water used to maintain the pitches. 13 scheduled matches will now be moved to other venues, including the finals, which will be played in Bengaluru.
The Supreme Court Wednesday dismissed the petition filed by the Maharashtra Cricket Association seeking to hold the matches in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur, as it intends on using sewage-treated water to water the pitches, instead of fresh water. The court said that except for the match on May 1 in Pune, all other matches will have to be rescheduled.
The bench of justices observed, “Why get into the controversy of giving treated sewage water to the stadiums, how will you segregate the water? There will be lakhs of spectators who will also come, what about water for them?”
Maharashtra is reeling under severe conditions, with 70 percent of the state facing drought. The Bombay High Court had, in its ruling, slammed the BCCI for being insensitive towards the issue—the BCCI had offered a compensation of Rs 5 crore for holding the matches in the state.
The organisers had considered shifting the matches to neighbouring state Rajasthan but were stopped by a fresh petition which challenged this decision. The petitioner argued that the desert-state is also facing scarcity of water, and cities like Jaipur should be declared no-go zones for the cash-rich tournament.It is rumoured that the next IPL season in 2017 will be held abroad.

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