Shashank Manohar’s name is being floated as the next chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) which might mean that there remains a possibility of him stepping down as BCCI president. This is in keeping with a rule passed by the executive board of the global body that the ICC’s chairman should be of independent nature and can’t hold a position as a country’s cricketing chief.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will hold a secret ballot late in May to elect its first independent chairman, after all constitutional amendments are approved by the full council of the game’s governing body in the coming weeks.

According to media reports, Sharad Pawar may emerge as a consensus candidate in case Manohar decides to take up the job.

The question is, will Manohar be justified in quitting his post as BCCI chief in the middle of all the turbulence the board is facing, as the BCCI is reeling under pressure from the Supreme Court to adhere to the recommendations of the Lodha committee -something the Board has steadfastly refused to implement so far. However, it is being said that the fight over the recommendations might be the very reason why he would step down as BCCI president. Manohar believes the recommendations are impossible to implement.

BCCI has objected to several points made in the report, pointing out the anomalies and difficulties encountered in the implementation of the committee’s recommendations. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court came down heavily on the BCCI over its opposition of the Lodha panel’s ‘one state-one vote’ recommendation.


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