On January 11, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi spoke at length against Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticising his demonetisation move. He also said that now ‘acche din’ will only come after Congress comes back in power in 2019. Parts of his speech also went viral on social media in which he said that Bhartiya Janata Party did in two and a half years which Congress couldn’t do in 70 years. What he meant was that under BJP, institutions like the Reserve Bank of India and judiciary have weakened but he was massively trolled on social media for some of his comments.

In the list of people who trolled Gandhi was also Textile minister Smriti Irani who took to Twitter and quote tweeted the leader on three of his tweets. “Sly tweet for Shri Manmohan Singh,” she wrote sharing his post on Modi that read, “For the first time in our history a Prime Minister of India is being ridiculed the world over”. In another tweet, Gandhi hit out at the PM saying that he the demonetisation move is an incompetent one and never before any PM has taken such a step, to which, Irani said, “2G, Coal Scam, Common Wealth Games Scam, Augusta – Your definition of competence???” Gandhi’s most talked about statement during the speech, “Ácche Din will come only when Congress comes to power in 2019” was also picked up by the minister and she took a jibe at him by saying, “Is this an admission that decades of Congress rule in our country were not Acche Din???”

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Gandhi was speaking at the Jan Vedna conclave against the government’s demonetisation move. In a speech laced with wit and humour, unlike his angry speeches in the past, Rahul accused the BJP and RSS of instilling “fear” among people and then converting it into anger. He went on to mimic the Prime Minister over his “Mitron” reference, questioned his love for yoga, saying that he does not do padmasana, and rephrased a popular movie song to say, “Aapka toh lagta hai bas yahi sapna, ram ram japna garibo kaa maal apna.”

(Indian Express Report)