With demonetisation leading to a series of debates and analyses of the bold economic move, it has also given birth to many memes, jokes, videos and, of course, reprised the legand of Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai (Sonam Gupta is unfaithful). Whosoever is the real Sonam Gupta is unclear but many namesakes are having a tough time while others are ROLF-ing.

From the virtual world, however, the analogy has made it to the real life and hilariously reached question papers! And not just any exam paper, Sonam Gupta has reportedly appeared in an IIT question paper. Yes, not kidding.

Teachers might often troll students by giving tricky questions but to include a meme in a question paper is certainly a new idea. Adding some humour to the end-semester examination, a professor in the department of electronics and electrical engineering at IIT-Guwahati apparently used the ‘Sonam Gupta bewafai hai’ meme, and asked students to solve a probability sum.

The 11-mark question asked students to answer four different questions and in the end asked students to “determine the probability that Sonam Gupta is bewafa given that at least one other person ‘y’ has claimed that she is bewafa.”

Students shared the picture of the question paper online and people went crazy seeing the question. The photo has been widely shared on social media and the students certainly seemed excited.

“The response is overwhelming. We all love the professor for making the question so exciting. It has spread to other IITs widely been commented up on,” a student told Times of India.