Sonu Sood loves cricket. He says he wants to give to the game every chance he gets. And now, the actor has decided to start a cricket academy for underprivileged children

The actor recently told a leading daily the reason behind his initiative. He says, “It is so tough to find good cricket grounds. Usually, on a public ground, you have about 40 people playing at the same time. Also, there are not enough professionals to train children. The academy will have proper pitches as well as professional coaches to train kids. We’ve appointed Devesh Upadhyay, who is a trained cricketer himself. We aim to provide proper facilities, cricket equipment and the right infrastructure to the children.”

The academy will be based in Mumbai and will also have a centre in Punjab. “I’d like to have branches in as many cities as possible so that youngsters can channel their talent and energies into the sport,” said Sonu. “We will ensure the kids get the right platform to train under the guidance of the right coaches. Also, there are many coaches and cricketers who don’t get the platform to teach and train the sport, and they will also get an opportunity,” concluded the actor.

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