Just when everyone thought that there’s been enough debate on nepotism, with a few from the industry even claiming that it is nothing but the new ‘it’ word of Bollywood, actor Kangana Ranaut – who started it all – has reignited the discussion. However, instead of charging one particular director like the last time – Karan Johar aka the ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’ – the Rangoon actor gave a much more intelligent and comprehensive explanation about why the debate on nepotism is essential and it is not just another fashionable term.

At the launch of a new collection of Melange by Lifestyle, Kangana was asked about her opinion on how filmmaker and her mentor, Mahesh Bhatt, backed her on her stand on nepotism. The organisers of the ‘fashion event’ interrupted and made sure Kangana doesn’t reply. Two more questions and the event was announced closed, but just then Kangana had a change of heart as she said looking at that particular scribe, “I would like to answer your question.”

She began and spoke for close to three minutes. The actor, justifying her choice to speak on the issue, said that she wanted to talk about her experiences to set an example for people from “unconventional backgrounds,” who enter the industry with dreams to make it big.

“If you’re talking about nepotism, it’s not an objection, it’s an observation. I, as an individual… it is my prerogative to leave my footsteps behind for the ones who will follow me. It is important they know where I fell, where I walked, stayed and ran. It’s important for me to talk about my own experiences not to say that people shouldn’t do what they like to do but what is relevant should be relevant.”

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