Shah Rukh Khan is known for his presence in the industry. Even with his fans, Shahrukh has been appearing in a funny way. Shahrukh came to Twitter to answer the fun questions of his fans on Twitter.

Most recently Shah Rukh Khan has made a funny tweet. A fan of Shahrukh on Twitter asked innocence, Shahrukh, would you give your phone number? Shahrukh answers in the answer yes, absolutely, should I send the Aadhar card too?

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted in his reply that neither should I want your number nor the number of the base should be required. I just need a hug. In response, Shahrukh wrote that yes, I send it.

Let’s say that Shah Rukh has been living in his new talk show TED Talks these days. The promo, which started on December 10, has shared the promo on its social media account. Shahrukh Khan has previously seen ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, ‘Are You Faster from the Fifth Passion’, ‘Jor Ka Jhatka.

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