Interestingly, this West Indian batsman is a man with lots of hidden talents. Although he recently opened a dance-move challenge to his fans on Social Media. And there is something more special about it — several entries being posted on online, and even the well-known star Sunny Leone accepted his dance challenge.

You know how it all started — when Gayle shared a video where he showed his awesome dance-move on the song Laila Main Laila. Moreover, in his video, he also shared a message where he is asking people to take up the #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge, said he’ll give the USD 5,000 to a lucky winner for it. Since the song was acted by Sunny Leone, she likely couldn’t resist posting for entering Gayle’s dance-move challenge.


Have a look at Sunny Leone’s replied on Twitter:


It seemingly looks like he is quite impressed with Sunny’s dance-move:


See what exactly this cricketer had posted about the dance challenge, 3 days ago on Instagram:


Both win lots of hearts, as Tweeple react it awesomely:

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