One of the controversial Baba, Swami Om again in limelight, we all know that he is no stranger to controversies. Ever since his participation in “Bigg Boss 10” made him a name, the self-proclaimed godman.

Swami Om once again in news, gets punished by women, but this time at Jantar Mantar, where he had gone to participate in the candlelight march which was held for condemning the Amarnath Temple terror attack on Pilgrims.

However, it is not clear what triggered the women, but the incident went viral on Facebook. This is Epic — Have a look.

Swami Om is beaten up by women.

Posted by FekuExpress2.0 on Tuesday, July 11, 2017


And those who don’t know the baba’s earlier incident, he was also invited as a chief guest on the occasion of Nathuram Godse’s birth anniversary at a Public event. But when he was asked to come up on the stage and say few words, the crowds got upset and started beating him up. However, Swami Om managed to get away from this situation, ran away with his wig in his hands.

But do you think Swami Om deserves to be treated like this, and for the kind of controversies he has done? So Guys, What do you want to say after watching the video?

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