Brazil has been battling not just a political crisis but a crippling economic one as well in the recent times. Once the jewel of the Americas’ shining economy, the nation now battles a recession, not unlike the one in the 1930s.

Topping its troubles is a president on the brink of being charged for allegedly breaking budget laws. The lower house of Brazilian parliament has already voted heavily in favour of starting impeachment trials against President Dilma Rousseff, and by mid-May, her trial quite probably may even begin; meaning she will be suspended as President and VP Timer would take over.
In the light of her troubles, Vice President and next in line to be President—Michel Temer has been burning the midnight oil devising plans to ‘run’ the country if and once Dilma Rousseff is charged.

In an exclusive report released by Reuters, top economic advisors of VP Timer have said that the board of Brazil’s central bank would be replaced as part of a drive to overhaul management of the economy and adopt sweeping reforms to regain investor confidence in a possible government of VP Timer.

The timer is a lawyer by profession and is expected to push through unpopular tax, pension and labour reforms to tap high-profile economists to regain confidence in the once high-flying economy.
Dilma Rousseff has obviously blasted all such plans and in a speech on Tuesday called VP Timer’s plans an attempt to a “coup d’etat”.

She has also previously accused the VP of trying to stage a coup when he ‘accidentally’ released a copy of a 15-minute speech that he would give when Rousseff was charged. Rousseff has so far failed to muster support from Brazilians, many of whom hold her responsible for ‘sinking the economy’ that left 2 million people unemployed.

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