The country’s first bullet train project, which is considered to be the dream project of the Modi Government, is going to start on September 14. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said on Monday, that on September 14, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Ahmedabad will be the cornerstone of the country’s first bullet train project in Ahmedabad. He told that the Railways will do their best to complete the Bullet Train Project in 2022, just before the scheduled time.

508 km journey in 2 hours

The Railway Minister said that the bullet train project is the priority of our government. According to our promise, we are engaged in this project with full force. He said that this is the dream of Prime Minister Modi. Their hard work, due to which, we got such a big loan from Japan at very nominal interest rates. The Railway Minister said that the bullet train being created on Japan’s technology will create new employment opportunities in the country and this will create more opportunities for development in the country. A journey of 508 km between Ahmedabad and Mumbai can be completed in just 2 hours. He said that the bullet train running on this route will not be decided what will be the fare.

The acquisition of land required for the project

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that the track of the bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai will be elevated on most places. Its 7-kilometer portion will pass through the bottom of the ocean. The acquisition of land required for this project has begun. There is no obstacle in it. Piyush Goyal said that the technique of bullet train will bring a new revolution in the field of transport across the country. He also said that the loan that is getting from Japan, its interest rate is very low and it has to be reverted after 50 years. So India can not get a better deal than this.

Bullet Train Record Zero Accident

Terming the bullet train as safe by the railway minister, the railway minister said that the safety of this technology is so safe that the Japan bullet train records Zero Accident is. Significantly, the Modi government wants to present the bullet train project as a bigger identity. The government thinks that the manner in which the Delhi Metro has identified all over the country and after that Metro project started in the country, on some similar lines, Ahmedabad Mumbai Bullet train will make its mark across the country. On successful completion of this bullet train on this route, the similar campaign will be started in other parts of the country. The first training center for the bullet train project is to be constructed. The same institute is being inaugurated on 14th September.

Make in India boost from bullet train project

Officials related to the bullet train project say that the acquisition of land for the bullet train has already started. This work is done by respective state governments. Anyway, the complete project is elevated, so there is not much land acquisition. It is estimated that only 825 hectares of land will be acquired for the entire project. The first bullet train for Ahmedabad and Mumbai will be imported from Japan and subsequent trains will be made in India. It means that the Make in India will be promoted under the Bullet Train Project. Also the transfer of the bullet train technology to India will be done.

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