Two days after the video went viral, Gautam Sudharshan, final year MBBS student from Madha Medical College, who flung the dog off while posing for the camera and Ashish Paul who heartlessly filmed the entire incident,have been arrested.

Animal rights activist and founder of Hotel for Dogs, an animal shelter, Shravan Krishnan who has been relentlessly in his effort to trace the culprits, jubilantly posted an update about the arrest.

However, the culprits have come out on bail. In the most recent update Animal rights activist expressed disappointment over the reach of animal welfare law.  But ‘the fight to get the police to file the chargesheet is still on,’ says Shravan.

Before, the arrest the police got in touch with their parents to track them down. The Chairman of the college also gave an ultimatum that if they fail to surrender, they will not be allowed to appear for exams.

The dog, now named Bhadra (the Warrior), which was thrown off a Chennai rooftop wasfound alive by Shravan and was immediately rushed for medical treatment. In a post he said that Bhadra, sustained fractures in two places, her right hind leg and her spine. The pup which is not more than 5-months -old is still in a state of shock and will take about 4-6 weeks to recover. It is undergoing treatment at the Madras Veterinary College.

Shravan Krishnan who brought the news to notice, posted following on his fb page,

We are happy to announce that the wonderful vets at Vepery have completed their preliminary examination of Bhadra. She has sustained fractures in 2 places: her right hind leg and her spine. Since the fractures have quite clearly happened around 2 weeks ago (the bones have already fused to a considerable extent), there is no doubt that this is the same girl as was seen in the video. She is still in a state of considerable shock and is not being difficult to treat, and recovery is expected to take 4-6 weeks as she is still quite young; in fact, not more than 5 months old. She will continue to be treated by the veterinarians at TANUVAS, who have also confirmed that she is definitely the same dog as was seen in the video as her injuries are consistent with such a fall.

He also posted this photo,